The following clients have given us permission to include them is this list:

Mills Novelty Company
This company provides services to the niche market of mechanical music hobbyists and enthusiasts.  Their specialty is the Violano, a mechanical music machine housing a player piano and a self-playing violin.  The original machine played from a roll, similar to a player piano.  Mills Novelty sells and installs a digital interface that allows this remarkable machine to play midi computer files.  In addition, Mills Novelty Company buys and sells all types of mechanical music machines and unique antiques.

Wefix, Inc. has written the software for the Mills Novelty Digital Player system as well as developing and maintaining the Mills Novelty Co. website (using Joomla! 1.5.)

Global Abrasive Products, Inc.
GAP sells dental, medical and hobbyist abrasive products such as abrasive media, diamond burs and discs, grinding and polishing tools and blasters and accessories.

Wefix, Inc. provides computer and accounting services to Global Abrasive Products.  We also maintain their web site which is in the process of being migrated to Joomla! 1.5.

United Abrasive, Inc.
United Abrasive, Inc. reclaims aluminum oxide and silicon carbide from spent grinding wheels and blasting media. Their reclaimed abrasive is a cost effective alternative to virgin abrasive and in most applications provides the same productivity and quality as the virgin media.

Wefix, Inc. provides computer, programming and accounting services to United Abrasive. Their web site is in the process of being developed.




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